I sit here writing this at almost 3 am mainly because I cannot sleep and I was meant to do this much earlier. Christmas is 2 days away and I noticed that this year I have really struggled to find the buzz, merry, excitement that seems to be floating around. Continue reading “OH THE JOY!”


Can we start again?


I don’t know where to start. I knowww!!! I never wanted  to be this person that keeps apologizing for disappearing but right now I am in this situation. Honestly, I have no excuse. I have missed writing, I really have. Sometimes, life gets in the way and it is almost like I cannot get around to doing this. I decided to come here because I know I left abruptly and I am grateful for all those that reached out and asked questions.

I want to be serious and consistent, I really do.  I had many plans for this blog somehow I haven’t been able to execute them. Sometimes I feel I am not cut out for running a blog, most times I want to remain in my bubble, I don’t want to go on social media, I don’t want to share or promote posts. Blogging is a lot of work, apart from creating and putting up posts, there is a part of interacting with other bloggers, interacting with readers, sharing stuff and staying relevant/current.

I will be honest I am probably not going to be so consistent but I will try to be this month as much as I can. I feel like I have a lot to share and I should do that before this year ends. I want to make some changes here and I was waiting till I was able to make them before coming back but a friend of mine encouraged me to continue till I am able to start making changes. Writing here is more like an outlet for me and I will try not to let the stress of being here put me away.

Thank you to all those that keep reading and those that have stood by me (so dramatic…I know) ! This isn’t meant to be a long post, I just wanted to check in.  I hope everyone is well, there is always a reason to be thankful, being alive is so important and it should make every one of us thankful.


                                                                                                                                                                                                         image: pinterest




A quick one

How many times have you decided to do something?

How many times have you had that mind-blowing idea?

You were almost sure you will follow through…

You were almost sure it will be different this time…

You were assured of success…

Plans turned into thoughts, thoughts into wishful thinking…

Now, it is only remembered on occasion…

You wondered how time flew by…

There is still life, there is still hope…

Hold on.




It’s been a while, I know I haven’t been consistent with blogging but let’s just say life keeps happening. However, I just wanted to share something with you..

God provides, so why do I worry about my life?
When you come to my rescue a thousand times
Every other voice it is a lie

God provides
In ways I can’t explain and can’t deny
The little that I have he multiplies
Just when I feel he won’t show up on time
God provides

He’ll come through
When the clouds of doubt rain down on you
And test everything you thought you knew
Now you finally see what god can do, for you

So tonight,
Close your eyes
There’s no more need to fight
Watch God  provide

God provides
It’s hard to say when there’s no food to eat
Or what you see feels all that life will be
And will this be another year of misery, for me
But my faith, can’t survive on just things I see
And my feelings can’t control my destiny
See God, I only want what you believe, for me


I hope it encourages you as it did me. This is the lyrics to the song by Tamela Mann, you can listen here or watch below..





Day 26|||#TTC2016

We have gotten to the last day of this challenge!! I am so thankful that I can say I was able to thank God and blog for 26 days straight. Thank you Mfon for coming up with this and for your daily encouragement. Also thank you Ruth and Diana for helping me continue.

Its time for the letter Z

  • I am thankful for ZEAL to do God’s work and it’s not by my strength but by His grace.
  • I am thankful for lemon ZEST….it brings an extra flavour to cakes.
  • I am thankful for good ZOOS I have been to where I was able to see those animals I read about.
  • I am thankful for ZOBO drink, I remember this because I was given this just yesterday.
  • I am thankful for ZION, she has encouraging me so much this year especially when it came to baking and academic pursuit.


That is it guys!! 26/26

This will probably be my last blog post for this year.

Happy New Year in advance…see you in 2017!



CHRISTMAS|||Day 25|||#TTC2016

This post is coming late and I apologize….it has been a busy day. Merry Christmas my lovelies!! I hope you all had a wonderful time, remember that it is all about JESUS. In the midst of all the celebrations and merrymaking, remember that we have to keep seeking Him and living our lives everyday for His glory.

So back to the “Think-Thank Challenge”, it’s the 25th day so it’s the letter Ywp-1480576937527.jpg

  • I am thankful for YOU…yes you that takes the time to read a post, leave a comment here or message me personally. I am grateful for you all.
  • I am thankful for the YOUTH GROUP in my church, it has been a huge source of blessing and encouragement to me.
  • I am thankful for fried YAM.
  • I am thankful for this YEAR, I have grown in so many areas.
  • I am thankful to God for stirring up in my heart YEARNINGS for more of His word.

This challenge ends tomorrow…I am excited but really glad I was able to get till this point. See you at the finish line




Day 24|||#TTC2016

2 more days till the end of this challenge and Christmas is tomorrow!!! God has been faithful to us. Let us keep thanking Him. 2016 is also ending a week from now. So about the “Think-Thank Challenge” today is an interesting day because of the letter in question…’X’ but we will see, if I can’t write anything else, names of drugs will help me.

  • I am thankful that XENOPHOBIA has reduced this year, it is still existent but I am glad more people are speaking and fighting against it.
  • I am thankful for X-RAYS, as a medic..this is so vital, though there are better imaging methods but this is the cheapest and most readily available imaging method.
  • I am thankful for XYLENE…it has made viewing slides in histology better. It helps in removing paraffin.
  • I am thankful for XYLOPHONE…the first time I saw it was in my primary school and it was put together using wood. The sound that comes from it is really nice and this year in my church convention, children played it.
  • I am thankful for XOLAIR, for someone who has struggled with allergies in the past, I know how bad it can get. It is good this exists to help and reduce sensitivity to allergens.


So that’s it for today,please your list with me.